Ceiling Mounted EV Cable Management Solution

Ceiling Mounted EV Cable Management Solution

Purchasing an electric vehicle shows that you care about the future and the environment. But what about your future and your own environment?

As many owners of electric cars know, charging your vehicle in a safe and efficient manner is a difficult problem. At best, EV cables themselves are a nuisance, and at worst they cause accidents and injuries. These risks are all too common as EV car owners risk tripping on loose wires, and creating unsafe conditions because of a lack of storage space.

That’s why EV Hover created a floating, extendable arm to hold your electric vehicle charging cable.

What is EV Hover?

Just like the telephone and Dyson vacuums, EV Hover was invented in a garage. The main difference, however, is that EV Hover’s Cable Management System was invented in a garage, for your garage.


The creators of EV Hover had the same problem as every other EV owner: They charged their car at night, and because they had no room to store the charging cable any other place, tripping on it in the dark happened more than once. 

The nuisance that many EV owners encounter from the charging cable being piled directly on the floor of their garages (because there’s nowhere else to put it) also creates an unsafe situation in a room that’s already full of hazards.

The EV Hover Cable Management System was built to solve two problems: make your garage safer, and maximize space efficiency. This is achieved through the EV Hover Cable Management System.

Retractable Cable Management

Retractable cable management devices are a common solution to EV cable storage problems. However, they can create other problems that don’t occur to many EV owners.

The first problem is that charging your EV while the cable is coiled up tightly inside a device creates a hazardous situation. Cables tend to run hot, and that’s why EV company’s tell EV owners not to coil their cable while charging. This is often forgotten, as charging an EV should be as easy as charging your cell phone.

Not only that, but retractable cable management systems typically require installation by an electrician. That’s certainly not as easy as charging your cell phone, as this process can end up costing EV owners hundreds of dollars.

But if retractable cable management devices aren’t the answer, then what are EV owner’s supposed to do? The answer is not to let the cable run across the floor, or coil up against the wall, but keep it extended, and have it run where it cannot create a hazard: Right over your head. EV Hover solves this problem, and is also so easy to install that EV owners can do it themselves in just a few minutes.

installation bar


EV Cable Management

The EV Hover Cable Management System features an extendable arm that will literally have your charging cable hovering over you, rather than twisting under you. EV Hover’s creators know how frustrating it is to charge your vehicle, and wrestle with the cable while trying to carefully coil it. This process could be a lot easier.

Mounting the EV Hover Cable Management System is quick and easy. Installation of the mounting bracket only requires three screws, and two more for attaching the retractable arm, which only takes seconds!

EV Hover’s Cable Management System’s arm folds against the wall, and can be extended as far as 6 1/2 feet. Straps below the arm capture the charging cable, which runs along the arm, and hangs downward right over your car’s charging port.

Excess cable can be coiled against the wall, and when the arm is detracted, it rests against the wall and keeps the charging cable away from the floor, and out of the way.

Made in the USA, EV Hover is constructed from steel, and is powder coated for a sleek look and design. Its durability ensures that it’s long lasting, and can withstand repeated use.

EV Cable Management System and Storage

The EV Hover Cable Management System was designed with space efficiency in mind, as the arms of the EV Hover fold away nicely when the job is done, and sits flush with the wall.

The EV Hover Cable Management System also enables excess cable to be stored efficiently, and safely out of the way. It doesn’t require you to coil the cable, or take any action at all to store the cable. Once installation is completed and your charging cable is attached using optimal settings, you shouldn’t have to touch the cable again.

When you park your car, it’s just a matter of grabbing the arm and extending it toward your car. Once the arm is right above the charging port, simply grab the end of the charging cable and insert into your car. Then, walk away and get on with your day without having to worry about you, or anyone else tripping.

EV Hover Cable Management Safety

EV owners who’ve wrestled with their charging cables have probably experienced tripping, if not falling. But that's not the only risk. Many of us are very confident in our ability to negotiate hazards such as cables along the floor, but that’s not a given.

For elderly individuals, and households with children, EV Hover Cable Management is a great asset. Even able bodied adults would have trouble navigating hazards in the dark, and those especially prone to falling are at an increased risk.

You’ve already made a great decision in purchasing a vehicle that’s great for the environment, and you and your family deserve a cable management system that removes hazards. EV Hover wants you and your family to be safe.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about EV Hover’s Cable Management System.