EV Hover: Extendable Arm for your Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

EV Hover was born out of necessity.  Mike Mayer had just purchased his first Electric Vehicle and loved everything about it, except for the trip hazard created by the cable.

Searching for a sleek, industrial-grade cable management solution, Mike quickly realized that nothing existed on the market.

With the help of an internationally renowned engineer, the EV Hover was born.

EV Hover is an adjustable, 180° swivel arm that will have your charging cable hovering over you, rather than cluttering your garage floor.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, installation of the mounting bracket and arm is quick and painless. Only five screws are required and installation takes less than 10 minutes.

The extendable arm folds flat against the wall and can be extended as far as 9 feet.  The charging cable runs along the length of the arm and hangs down from the “J” hook, allowing for easy access to the charging port. 





EV Hover is manufactured in Joliet, IL and is a national Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer specializing in creating electric car charger accessories for electric vehicle owners.