Adjustable Arm for your Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

Eliminate the trip hazard

Keep your cable clean

Installs in minutes

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Meet our Electric Vehicle Cable Management System

The electric vehicle charging experience is flawed.

Cables become dirty, present trip hazards, and get in the way of everyday life.

With EV Hover, these concerns are alleviated.

Our extendable, foldable arm gets your cable off of the ground for easy, safe use.

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  • made in the usa
  • easy to install
  • light-weight
  • Extendable Arm

    EV Hover features an extendable, 180° swivel arm that will have your charging cable hovering over you, rather than cluttering your garage floor. Perfect for cars parked 2 - 9 feet from the wall.

  • Easy Installation

    Constructed of lightweight aluminum, installation of the wall bracket and arm is super easy. Screw the wall bracket into a stud (or masonry) and snap on the arm. Installation takes less than 10 minutes.

  • Discreet Design

    Our extendable arm folds flat against the wall and can be extended as far as 9 feet. The charging cable runs along the length of the arm and hangs down from the “J” hook, allowing for easy access to the charging port.



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  • Will this work with all EV Charging Cables?

    EV Hover will work with all EV Charging Cables 1” thick and less, which is the majority of cables.  Cable Compatibility.

  • Can the EV Hover extend over my car?

    Yes.  The EV Hover extends over 9 feet and can be mounted as high on the wall as needed.

  • Can I mount on any surface?

    Yes.  The EV Hover can be mounted on drywall (into a stud) or masonry (brick, stone and concrete block).