Tesla Charging Cable Solution: EV Hover

Review by Kobra ToldYa - 07/12/2022

Product Review | EV HOVER Electric Vehicle Cable Management System

Review by Trust Ted - 5/17/2022

EV HOVER: EV Charging Cable Management System Review

Review by Bearded Tesla Guy - 4/8/2022

Tesla EV Hover ⚡️ Cable Arm Management System | No More Trip Hazard | Install Video Review

Review by Evan Michiels - 4/5/2022
@tesla.flex If I had this a few weeks ago my seat would’ve never gotten dirty 😅 #tesla #modelx #teslatok #evhover #fyp ♬ Call me - 90sFlav

"If I had this a few weeks ago my seat would’ve never gotten dirty" 😅

TikTok by @tesla.flex - 4/28/2022


  • My search for an effective charging cable management system for my Tesla began when my father in-law tripped over the cable and took on some significant damage. Tripping hazard is gone and it folds up nicely against the wall while not in use.

    - Joe Solomon

  • EV Hover is the charging solution that I have been looking for. I am finally able to walk around the car without tripping and the cables are no longer sitting on the garage floor. The sleek design and product quality are top notch and installation was easy.

    - Aaron Wasserman

  • Safe & convenient way to store and use your electric vehicle charging cable. Great innovation & design. Keep your garage clean, organized and trip free. Very fair pricing. Highly recommend!

    - Becky Levine

  • Jonathan Rosenberg

    A really smart solution to an annoying problem in my garage. Top notch product construction. Easy to install. No issues.

    - Jonathan Rosenberg

  • Great product!! Keeps cord off the floor and prevents me from tripping. Very easy to use.

    - Scott Samlan

  • Awesome product. Works great and no more awkward wires laying around the garage to trip over! Good times.

    - Steve Gaither

  • This product has been amazing in my garage! Keeps the cord clean and safely above our heads so no one trips. 10/10

    - Amy Mayer

  • Great product. Easy to use and saves a ton of space

    - Brian Rubin

  • Must have for EV owners!

    - Karim Nashashibi