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EV Hover

EV Hover 3-Foot Extender Arm

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3-Foot Extender Arm for your EV Hover 


Easy installation

Extends the base EV Hover from 6 1/2 ft to 9 1/2 ft 

Made of Powder-Coated Aluminum


Made in the USA

Limited lifetime warranty

Patent pending

Our EV Hover Extender Arm gives you the ability to extend the EV Hover by an additional 3-Feet.  

Extend the EV Hover to a 2nd Electric Vehicle!

Constructed from powder-coated aluminum, the installation of the extender arm is quick and painless*. Simply remove the 4 screws that attach the hook to the 2nd arm, attach the extender arm using the included fasteners and then re-attach the hook to the extender arm.  The extender arm will swivel the same as the other two arms.

The extender arm extends the base unit of the EV Hover from 6 1/2 feet to 9 1/2 feet. 

*Please note:  The EV Hover extender can only be attached to EV Hover units shipped after 12/1/2023.  The extender is not backwards compatible and cannot be attached to units shipped earlier. 


Weight 3 lbs
Color Black or White
Material Aluminum
Finish Powder Coated
Country of Origin USA
Folded against wall 38" x 4"
Velcro Strap
12" x 1"


Installation Manual

  • made in the usa
  • easy to install
  • light-weight
  • patent pending