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EV Cable Storage Tips

You’ve chosen an Electronic Vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid as your primary car, and good on you, as you’ve done the environment and your wallet a solid. 

Technological advances such as EVs solve problems that will have important ramifications for the future, but as we happily walk to our EV’s in their parking spots at home we have to stop and look at what literally can trip up the entire process – EV charging cables. 

Like the keyboard made us aware of carpal tunnel, and remote work resulted in sitting all day and giving people bad backs, EV technology is confronted with a real world problem that persists in causing people injury, plus a few other challenges.

The tripping hazard presented by EV cables can be solved with a number of solutions, and if your EV cable is on the floor right now while it charges your car, you’re probably all too aware of some of the problems that it causes.

The Problem with EV Charging Cables

Let’s start with the obvious – EV charging cables present a tripping hazard. But did you know that they also present legal liability issues?

This may sound extreme, but for those who don’t have a designated parking spot for their EV, charging cables run across sidewalks, walkways, and other thoroughfares. According to the Santa Monica injury law firm McGee Lerer and Associates, these cases are the fault of the EV owner, and if an injury occurs, it could potentially result in a lawsuit.

But let’s bring it closer to home, and if you have a garage then you’ve already experienced the inconvenience of an EV charging cable that’s in your way. Families that have live-in members from an older generation are especially at risk of tripping, not to mention families with small children.

Of course, the problems with EV charging cables are not limited to tripping, as we consider that the ground or floor beneath us is probably the dirtiest surface that we come into contact with. Fortunately, we have shoes, sandals, and slippers, but EV charging cables are exposed to all the dirt and grime that collects on the ground and garage floors.

There are, however, a number of EV cable storage solutions that can solve these problems, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and organized.

EV Cable Storage Boxes

The biggest component of the solution to the problem presented by EV charging cables is to get them off the ground. If you choose to keep your EV charging cable on the ground then you should probably invest in a colorful cable cover, cones, or other methods of letting people know there’s a hazard.

But if you want to solve the problem for good, then there are a number of EV cable storage solutions, and several products on the market that can help.

Tesla owners need to look no further than their own dealership or online store. Tesla cable organizers are popular among Tesla owners, as the cable extends and retracts from a box that’s mounted on the wall. While this is the preferred method for Tesla owners, the box is simple, and causes the cable to sag, thus not entirely eliminating the tripping hazard.

Other EV Cable Storage Solutions


EV cable boxes are also available to people with other EV makes than Tesla. They look really good and keep your EV charging cable organized while it’s not in use, but once it’s plugged in, the cable still sags on the floor.

The preferred EV cable storage solution is an extendable, foldable arm that’s mounted to the wall. If positioned correctly, the arm extends overhead, then drops the cable over the EV’s charging socket.

The best ones, such as the EV cable storage solution from EV Hover, extend a long distance, and are foldable so that when it’s not in use it stays out of the way and flat against the wall.

Whatever solution you choose for your EV cable storage, just remember that doing something is much better than nothing. Eliminating hazards and staying organized seem like good ideas to people like EV owners who are highly conscious of the world around them.