Electric Vehicle Cable Management for Every EV Model

Electric Vehicle Cable Management for Every EV Model

EV Hover: Universal EV Charger Cable Management that Adapts to Any Model

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles, one challenge often faced by EV owners is finding a versatile and efficient cable management solution. Enter EV Hover, the groundbreaking 180° swivel arm that doesn't just meet this challenge but exceeds expectations by seamlessly working with all types of electric vehicles.

A Universal Solution for Every Wall

One of the standout features of EV Hover is its adaptability. Designed to be installed on any garage wall, EV Hover effortlessly accommodates the charging needs of various electric vehicle makes and models. Whether your EV charging port is located at the front, back, or side of your vehicle, EV Hover's adjustable arm ensures that the charging cable is perfectly positioned for maximum convenience.

Different Placements, One Smart Solution

For front-mounted charging ports, EV Hover allows you to position the swivel arm at the ideal angle, ensuring the cable hovers conveniently overhead. If your EV has a rear or side-mounted port, rest assured that EV Hover's flexibility allows for a smooth extension and easy cable reach without any awkward stretching.

Tailored to Your EV Make and Model

EV Hover has been engineered with meticulous attention to detail, keeping in mind the unique charging port placements of different electric vehicle makes and models. Whether you drive a Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, or any other EV on the market, EV Hover is designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle's charging setup.

Experience the future of electric vehicle cable management with EV Hover.