Charging Cable Compatibility

EV Hover knows that purchasing an electric vehicle shows that you care about the future and the environment. But what about your future and your environment?

As many owners of electric cars know, charging your vehicle in a safe and efficient manner is a difficult problem. Accidents and injuries are all too common as owners risk tripping on loose wires, and creating unsafe conditions because of a lack of storage space.

EV owners who’ve wrestled with their charging cables have probably experienced tripping, if not falling. But that's not the only risk. Many of us are very confident in our ability to negotiate hazards such as cables along the floor, but that’s not a given.

EV Hover Cable Management is a great asset for elderly individuals, and households with children. Even able bodied adults would have trouble navigating hazards in the dark, and those especially prone to falling are at an increased risk.

EV Hover wants you and your family to be safe. You’ve already made a great decision in purchasing a vehicle that’s great for the environment, and you and your family deserve a cable management system that removes hazards.

That’s why we created a floating, extendable arm to hold your electric vehicle charger cable.




EV Hover - Arm yourself with this handy, EV car charging cable solution.