How to Install - EV Hover V1


Installation Guide

Watch how easy it is to install the EV Hover and improve your garage safety in minutes!

Download PDF Instruction Manual

Before You Start

To install EV Hover be sure you can:
• Locate a stud or other suitable support in the wall. Know the location of electrical wires in walls
• Drill holes for and install screws
• Lift 20 pounds above your head for a long enough duration to attach the arm to the plate. Contact a licensed contractor if you cannot confidently meet these requirements.

evhover parts

EV Hover Parts

[1] EV Hover

[2] Wall Mount Bracket (comes attached to EV Hover with 2 screws)

[3] 6 Cable Straps

[4] 5 Stainless Steel Screws

[5] Instruction Manual

Tools Provided

[6] Level

Tools Needed

Power Drill

Stud Finder

T27 Allen Wrench


[7] Adapter Wall Bracket

installation stitch

Step 1 - Mount Wall Bracket [2]

A. Ensure your charger cable will reach to proposed vehicle location when threaded along the EV Hover arm which is 6 1/2 ft long when fully extended

B. Select the desired location for your EV Hover - we recommend installing the wall bracket at least six or seven feet from the floor.  Be sure to consider obstructions that might present an issue when extending and swivelling the arm. 

C. Find a stud using a stud finder marking the edges of the stud with a pencil

D. Center the wall mount bracket [2] on the stud at the correct height, use the level [6] to make sure the bracket is straight and mark the holes. 

E. Drill pilot holes and install the top screw [4] first with an electric drill. We recommend a PH3 shockwave Phillips Driver bit. 

F. After securing the first screw [4], verify the bracket is level and confirm the other 2 holes are aligned correctly.

G. Install the next 2 screws [4]. Be sure all screws are tightened all the way in.

evhover parts install

Step 2 - Connect the EV Hover arm [1] to the wall mount bracket [2]

IMPORTANT - Do not remove cable straps until EV Hover is completely installed.

A. Clip the EV Hover [1] onto the wall mount bracket [2] by clipping in over the top lip of the wall mount bracket [2] first. 

B. Insert the 2 small screws underneath and tighten.

C. Cut through the safety straps with scissors and extend the arms. 

installation bar

Step 3 - Install the Cable Straps [3]

A. Install the cable straps by sliding them through the holes on the EV Hover. Hold your EV Charging cable up under the EV Hover and belt the straps together, leaving room for movement. Next, adjust your cable to the appropriate length allowing enough length for the end of your charger cable to hang down below the hook to reach your vehicle, tighten the cable straps and clip off the ends. Adjust the hook as needed by squeezing or pulling apart.

installation 4

Step 4 (Optional) - Attach Adapter Wall Bracket [7]

A. If you need to use the adapter wall bracket [7], find the ideal location based on your cable - your chosen location should be close enough to your electrical outlet. 

B. Use a stud finder and mark edges of the stud with a pencil. 

C. Place the adapter wall bracket [7] in the center of the stud and mark the top hole

D. Drill pilot holes and insert screws. Only the top screw is needed but you can install 2 screws if you prefer. 

E. Velcro your charger adapter securely onto the adapter wall bracket [7].

Congratulations, your EV Hover is fully functional and ready to go!

EV Hover does not require routine maintenance however, periodic inspections should be conducted to ensure that all parts remain in good working order and no damage exists. Do not attempt to open, disassemble, repair, tamper with, or modify any components of the products – the products are not user serviceable. Contact EV Hover for any repairs.

evhover item

Make sure to tighten the cable straps and clip off the excess straps for the best look!